Monday, 26 August 2013

How To Save The World: Part 3A - Hopes And Dreams

The fourth of Charles Fudgemuffin's 'How To Save The World' books.

Hopes And Dreams
Eric's exciting adventures continue in Hope And Dreams, the next book in the How To Save The World saga.  This is the blurb...

After returning from his adventures on the planet Fem, Eric soon finds himself a job working for a respected insurance company and life finally appears to be returning to normal once again.

Until, that is, Eric discovers that members of the motor insurance division (north east team) have been using form Stat7D to process their stationery order requests, despite the employee handbook making it abundantly clear that form Stat7D has now been discontinued and all future stationery requests should be made on form 46C.

When Eric investigates matters further he is met with the rather flimsy claims that ‘we’d just ran out of the 46C forms so we thought it would be okay to use the old forms.’ To add to the intrigue, for whatever reason, the admin section seem keen to repeatedly turn a blind eye to this flagrant breach of the rules pertaining to stationery order requests.

Is it simply a case of a shortage of the new forms as claimed? Or is that just a hastily cobbled together cover story for something more sinister? Will Eric ever get to the bottom of this suspicious administrative conundrum or will his detective powers allude him on this occasion?

Find out the answers to this intriguing mystery inside this the first book in the third and final part of the ‘How To Save The World’ story…

. . . . . . . .

Nar, man. That doesn’t happen obviously. That was just a joke. That’s not the proper story. The proper story is still to do with the Telix-17 virus and Jixyl and Azleev and stuff like that. Nothing happens to do with stationery order forms.

Or does it?

Read 'How To Save The World: Part 3A - Hopes And Dreams' to find out...

. . . . . . . .

'How To Save The World: Part 3A - Hopes And Dreams' by Charles Fudgemuffin is available for Kindle from Amazon:
UK: How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy
US: How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy

Please note, 'How To Save The World: Part 3A - Hopes And Dreams' is suitable for ages 18+ and is not recommended for prudes or squares.

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