Saturday, 19 December 2015

Santa And The Naughty Elf

'Santa And The Naughty Elf' for kindle.

A Christmas themed book from Charles Fudgemuffin, Jr.

Santa Claus has gone missing and his replacement, Neville the Naughty Elf, is getting up to all sorts of mischief while Santa is away.  In fact if Neville succeeds in his despicable plans, this could turn into the most miserable Christmas ever!

Two of Santa’s loyal elves, Derek Droopy-Ears and Elvis Curly-Toes, are determined to do everything they can to stop Neville from ruining Christmas for everyone, but will they be able to track Santa down before it’s too late?

Or will naughty Neville succeed and spoil Christmas for all the nice kids all around the world?

Find out in...

'Santa And The Naughty Elf'.

Available for kindle from the link below:
Santa And The Naughty Elf

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